Ford Performance Mustang Magneride Handling Pack


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The Ford Performance MagneRide Handling Pack has been developed to maximize the handling potential of MagneRide equipped Mustangs.  The kit includes unique springs, sway bars, and a Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM) software update that provides a substantial improvement to MagneRide Vehicles handling performance.
  1. Fits 2018-2019 Mustang Coupe and Convertible models equipped with MagneRide
  2. Provides improved handling with unique Ford Performance springs and sway bars
  3. VDM Calibration ensures compatibility between hardware and software
  4. The MagneRide Handling Pack includes:
    1. M-5300-W Spring Kit
    2. M-5490-G Sway Bar Kit
    3. MagneRide Performance Pack VDM Software Upgrade
NOTE: Customers with a Performance Pack 2 equipped Mustang can upgrade by installing only the M-5300-W Spring Kit and M-5490-G Sway Bar Kit.