302 Oil Pickup Tube Front Sump Pan


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  • For use with production 302 block
  • Fits front sump oil pans and M-6675-FT302 oil pan
  • High flow funnel style pickup same as used on Mustang Cobra 4.6L 4V engines
  • Thin wire screen delivers more than twice the flow area compared to many aftermarket pickup screens  
  • Thin wall 3/4" diameter tubing reduces vibration fatigue
  • Quality built in precision fixtures for a consistent OEM level fit 
Oil Pickup Part # Oil Pan Part #
M-6622-DRS302  fits pan M-6675-DRS302
M-6622-FT302  fits pan M-6675-FT302
M-6622-DRS351  fits pan M-6675-DRS351
M-6622-FT351  fits pan M-6675-FT351
M-6622-DRS351A  fits pan M-6675-DRS351* 
M-6622-DRS460  fits pan M-6675-DRS460
M-6622-FT460  fits pan M-6675-FT460