5.0L/5.2L Billet Steel Gerotor Oil Pump Gear Set


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This gear set is designed for race applications. These billet oil pump gear sets can be installed into a factory housing, and offer enthusiasts peace of mind. The stock powdered metal oil pump gears work effectively in stock applications but when additional horsepower, RPM, and/or the stress caused by belt mounted power adders or other, aftermarket setups are added-these billet gears can help to avoid a costly rebuild. 

    • 2011-2019 Mustang GT 5.0L oil pump¬†
    • 2015-2019 Mustang GT350 5.2L oil pump

  • Produced by OEM manufacturer to minimum allowable tolerances
  • Requires installation in factory oil pump
  • For complete gerotor oil pumps with billet gear sets installed, see¬†M-6600-50CJ, or¬†M-6600-M52¬†
  • Works well with 5.0L Coyote Oil Pump Installation Kit¬†M-6600-A50PKIT
  • NOTE- Does not fit stock 2011-2018 F-150 5.0L oil pump. For 2011-2017 F-150 applications, use the¬†M-6600-50CJ¬†oil pump, for 2018 F-150 5.0L, use the¬†M-6600-M52¬†oil pump¬†¬†