Coyote 5.2L High Performance Cams Gen 1


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  • Intake and exhaust camshaft set for use in the 2015-17 5.2L cylinder heads with 2011-14 "Gen 1" 5.0L cam phasers, timing chains and engine control system
  • Kir includes four (4) VCT filter screens
  • 14mm lift / 270 degree duration - intake and exhaust
  • Must use the 5.0L Gen 1 cam phasers, timing chains and crank sprocket
  • Phasers must be limited to 20 degrees advance maximum via calibration or mechanical limiters.
  • Must use the 5.2L Roller Finger Followers M-6564-M52
  • These cams are to be used with the standard 5.0L Coyote firing order  
  • Custom calibration required!
  • For "Gen 2" version, see M-6550-M52 (pictured)