Coyote 5.2L Semi-Finished Crankshaft


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Semi-finished 5.2L Coyote crankshaft great for engine builds and race cars
  • For finished machined version, see¬†M-6303-M52
The following features are machined on this crankshaft:
  • Front post and rear flange machined and tapped
  • All oiling holes machined and chamfered
  • Pin lightening holes machined
  • Main journals and rod journals induction hardened
  • All fillets rolled and undercut
  • Mains finished machined
  • Rod journals are left semi-finished to allow altering the throw or stroke dimensions¬†
  • Current stroke is 92.7mm (3.650"), and is capable of 9525mm (3.750") with 2" rod journal