5.2L Coyote Head Changing Kit


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  • Head changing kit allows installation of 5.2L Coyote cylinder head on a 5.2L block-see tech notes below
  • Fits Ford Performance M-6010-M52 5.2L Coyote Aluminum Engine Block
  • Includes multi-layer steel Left and Right head gaskets
  • Includes high strength, torque to yield 12mm head bolts
  • Kit includes 20 head bolts
  • 131mm long

  • Does not fit¬†M-6010-M52A¬†"Gen 2" 5.2L Coyote Aluminum Engine Block or¬†M-6010-M52B¬†"Gen 3" 5.2L Coyote Aluminum Engine block, see¬†M-6067-M52B¬†(187mm long).