Super Cobra Jet Cylinder Head - Bare


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  • Fits 429 and 460 ci engines (except BOSS 429)
  • Valve angles and locations designed to reduce cylinder wall shrouding and improve flow
  • Combustion chambers to accommodate the more centrally located valves
  • Production 429 Cobra Jet intake and exhaust manifolds bolt on
  • Production Ford 429/460 valve cover bolt pattern¬†
  • M-6582-C460¬†Ford Performance Valve Covers recommended¬†
  • 2.200" intake valve, 1.76" exhaust valve
  • Flows approximately 330 CFM intake and 225 CFM exhaust
  • 72cc combustion chambers
  • 290cc intake runner, 148cc exhaust runner
  • Uses rocker arm part numbers M-6564-A460¬†¬†
  • Uses Motorcraft AGSP series spark plugs
  • NOTE: If replacing Ford Performance or production 429 Cobra Jet heads, new intake valve notches are required
  • NOTE:¬†Uses Felpro ¬ģ exhaust gasket part number 1420 and¬†Felpro ¬ģ intake gasket part number 1231