High-Port NASCAR Head


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This cylinder head is no longer offered by Ford Performance.

This cylinder head is available from SRI Performance:

SRI Performance    

(704) 662-6928 

  • Fits 5.0L and 5.8L Ford Performance blocks
  • Raised intake and exhaust ports
  • Used primarily in NASCAR and ARCA racing
  • Intake and exhaust runners raised .400" over Yates C3 head
  • Capable of 400 CFM intake, 267 CFM exhaust
  • Accepts intake valves up to 2.180 diameter, exhaust valves up to 1.625 diameter
  • Integral rocker pad for greater stiffness
  • Cylinder head comes semi-finished. Pushrod holes, Combustion chamber and ports, unfinished
  • Intake manifold mounting bolt holes 90-degrees to mounting flange