Plug And Dowel Kit


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    M-6026-A302** 289/302/351W necessary dowels, cup plugs and pipe plugs for rebuilding production V-8 blocks.
    M-6026-A460* Use with M-6010-A460 Cylinder Block. Kit includes cam plug, oil gallery plugs, transmission dowels and head dowels.
    M-6026-A58* Replacement plugs and dowel kit for M-6010-A58 blocks Includes all special cup plugs and dowels
    M-6026-B302* 289/302/351W/351C Threaded freeze plug (1.25" NPT) kit for all small V-8 engine blocks. Does not include dowels.
    M-6026-A Service replacement plug and dowel kit for M-6010-BOSS302/BOSS35192/BOSS35195/BOSS351BB and 351 race blocks with O-ring threaded plugs. Black anodized aluminum plugs with Buna "O" rings for the oil galleys, water drains and core holes Dowels for front cover, clutch housing and cylinder heads