460 Cubic Inch Boss Short Block - Windsor Sb Based


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Want to build a powerful Ford engine for your vintage muscle car, street rod, Fox-body or late-model Mustang? A Ford Performance short block is the perfect foundation. Ford Performance Engineers have taken care of the toughest part of building a new engine by designing a strong a durable short block that offers a wide range of power possibilities. We use only the best parts for our short blocks, like a forged steel crankshaft, forged H-beam connecting rods with floating piston pins, forged Mahle pistons, and the Ford Performance BOSS block. And every Ford Performance short block is hand assembled in the U.S. with performance clearances - these aren't assembly line truck engines made by machines!

  • Engine type:Ā  351 based small block ford
  • Displacement (cu in):Ā  460
  • Bore x stroke (in):Ā  4.150" bore x 4.25" stroke
  • Block: Boss 4-bolt main blockĀ M-6010-BOSS35195Ā  9.5" deck height
  • Piston to Deck Height: .005" below piston to deck height (nominal)
  • Crankshaft: SCATĀ® Forged Steel: 4.250" stroke
  • Connecting rods:Ā  SCATĀ® forged steel H-beam 6.125ā€ length connecting rods with floating pin and ARPĀ® bolts
  • Pistons:Ā  MahleĀ® 4.150" bore forged, with reliefs for Z304D, Z304P, N351, and other inline valve Windsor cylinder heads.Ā  30 cc piston dish.Ā  Check piston to valve clearance.
  • Hydraulic roller camshaft compatible
  • Internally balanced
  • Recommended cylinder head fastenersĀ M-6065-BOSSĀ head bolts or M-6014-BOSSĀ studs depending on application
  • Most aftermarket performance cylinder heads are compatible with this short block.Ā  Ford Performance short blocks are built with pistons designed for 20 degree valve angle heads and will fit stock or spread valve guide centerlines.
  • Works well with Ford Performance cylinder headsĀ M-6049-Z2Ā andĀ M-6049-X2
  • Designed for M-6049-X306/X307/Z304DA cylinder heads. Not designed for production 302/351W or M-6049-Y302/Y303/X302/X303/X304/X305 cylinder heads
  • Assembled and ready for your heads, cam and timing chain set
  • Requires head gasketsĀ M-6051-R351
  • 351W bolt pattern, oil pan and timing cover
  • High-performance harmonic balancerĀ M-6316-D302Ā is recommended
  • Built with all NEW PARTS
  • Photo and specs may vary