572 Cubic Inch 655 HP Big Block Street Crate Engine-Rear Sump Pan


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This 572 cubic inch big block crate engine makes impressive power with excellent driveability while utilizing premium, unleaded pump gas. 

655 Horsepower @ 5500 rpm
710 lb.-ft. torque @ 4500 rpm

  • Engine type: 385 Series 'Big Block'
  • Displacement 572 cubic inches
  • Bore x stroke 4.500" bore x 4.500" stroke
  • Block: Ford Performance A460 Big Block M-6010-A460
  • Crankshaft: SCAT®  forged steel
  • Connecting rods: SCAT® forged steel H-beam connecting rods and ARP® bolts
  • Pistons: Diamond Racing® with floating wrist pins
  • Camshaft:
      • Hydraulic roller
      • Lift: .649"
      • Duration: Intake-259 degrees @ .050" lift/ Exhaust-263 degrees @ .050" lift
  • Cylinder heads: 
      • Ford Performance "Super Cobra Jet" Aluminum Cylinder Heads M-6049-SCJA
      • Valve springs: Dual with damper
      • Intake valves: Stainless steel-2.20" diameter
      • Exhaust valves: Stainless steel-1.76" diameter
  • Compression ratio: 10.0:1 (nominal)
  • Required fuel: Premium unleaded
  • Rocker arms: Crower® Stainless Steel Roller Rockers
  • Timing chain: Ford Performance Multi Index Timing Chain Set M-6268-A460
  • Oil pump: Heavy duty, aluminum body Jon Kaase® oil pump
  • Vibration Damper: Ford Performance SFI approved 
  • Balanced: Internally balanced-use neutral balance flywheel (not included)
  • Oil Pan: Ford Performance Deep Rear Sump Oil Pan M-6675-DRS460
  • Intake Manifold: Edelbrock® Victor® 2966
  • Carburetor: Holley® Street Avenger 870 cfm 
  • Distributor: MSD®  distributor
  • Water Pump: High Performance Edelbrock® water pump
  • Spark Plug Wires: Ford Performance Blue 9mm spark plug wires M-12259-C460
  • Built with current available parts. Photos and specifications may vary.
  • Engine installation and tuning tips are available at Engine Building Tips