Ford Performance ProCal 4 Calibration Delivery Tool


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Introducing the new engineering designed and focused Ford Performance ProCal 4 Calibration delivery tool. The ProCal 4 can be used with Ford Performance Control Packs as a diagnostic/data logging tool. Allows download/delivery of future Ford Performance calibrations. ProCal 4 cable easily plugs into the OBDII port. Features include:
  • High resolution touch screen with intuitive graphical interface
  • Cloud updatable
  • Reads and clears DTCs (DTC descriptions displayed)
  • Speedometer correction for gear/tire changes (within factory parameters)
  • Real-time engine data display - air/fuel ratio, spark timing, cam timing, throttle angle
  • Real-time data logging

Also performs valuable service functions including:
  • Key on/Engine off test
  • Key on/Engine running test
  • Profile relearning (Crank relearn)
  • Clear adaptive fuel trims
  • Clear keep alive memory

Includes a swivel suction cup window mount.