5.0L Coyote Aluminum Performance Block


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  • Special casting of the 5.0L Coyote block with improvements to support higher horsepower engine builds
  • Water jacket below cylinder bore has been updated to add more material for strength
  • The intake side of the bore at the deck surface includes a cast in brace to improve strength of the cylinder wall and head gasket sealing
  • 1/4-inch drain plug provision on right side of block for coolant draining
  • Low pressure cast 319 aluminum
  • Pressed-in thin-wall iron liners
  • 92.2 mm bore size
  • Cross-bolted nodular iron main bearing caps 
  • Uses 11mm cylinder head bolts
  • This block is compatible with Gen 1 (2011-14) and Gen 2 (2015-17) cylinder heads 
  • Note that the head gasket must match the cylinder head 
  • Must use Gen 1 oil filter adapter
  • Block has provisions for piston oil squirters
  • Includes plugs and dowels