Build: Tim's 2019 Ford F-150 XLT Special Edition FX4 5.0

Build: Tim's 2019 Ford F-150 XLT Special Edition FX4 5.0

Josh GilbertJun 3, '20

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Name: Tim M.

Location: New Jersey

Instagram:  @WhiteShadowFX4


2019 XLT Special Edition FX4 5.0

I purchased it April 2019 for more space for kids, trips and work, plus more reliability in Northeast weather. I chose the 5.0 V8 because I felt it’s more reliable than the Ecoboost.

Build Photo
Build Photo
Build Photo
Build Photo


I mostly wanted to change out things I didn’t like. I wanted better external lighting, more secure storage and better sound. All the mods were done in driveway either by me or with my father-in-law. Only a few hiccups. I spent about $2,300 overall.

My truck is unique, especially to my area. I haven’t even seen another stock Special Edition in my color in the road. I like that I’ve changed the few things I didn’t love about the stock truck so I can enjoy it more. I’ve added:

I’m thinking about doing 35” Nitto or BFG tires on the stock wheels, Bilstein 5100 2” level kit or 1.5” wheel spacers next.

I live in the suburbs, work in the city, with the beach in between. The truck has been there for all of it so far. I want to keep it as nice as I can and make it last for as long as possible.

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